I write everyday, but that has not made me not a terrible writer. I have feeling I can’t do this alone. I need your help just as I do, on occasion, in New Eden. I seek to continue the lore of New Eden, but in my own humble way. The empires all have their origin stories, myths, legends and tales. Yet the people throughout New Eden are still people. There are creatures in the swamp and some of them ain’t human, this is story that may never change.

I seek to add to the community not to diminish is it. You are welcome to write something from your own Pilot Logs here.

You are welcome to criticize. Please keep it clean and constructive, other children may be watching.

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TIP: As a matter of habit I never hang up on the Career Agent but keep the line open and minimized allowing access while undocked; there are multiple reasons for doing this.

I dreaded the first time I would have to kill. There were pirates interfering with industry and trade; or, were they simply adding to it?

I had lost ships before, once as a tourist on holiday. Looking at my map I heard a noise. I looked up to see myself in my pod flying across my augmented reality screen; DOH!

Pirates, bandits, ner do wells; who kill for sport for lust for greed. I was unsure of my abilities to defend against an attack. I was Army not Navy. Give me a rifle and solid ground not space bouncing around. Also, I was done with gunrunning.

Since I would be mining on this mission I would need something besides guns with which to defend myself. I was advised by other pilots to acquire 2 Acolyte I drones. They would do nicely against this particular threat. The missions are training mission and not that hard, a little unclear sometimes but not hard. And, you can still loose a favorite ship and even die. You need defense or an escape plan or both.

I must have waited two weeks before taking on this mission of mining and fighting. He who mines and runs away lives to mine another day.

kitten 001
These days I have no problem mining even in 0.5 space. Hek 0.5 specifically has always been a fun place. I have met the nicest people there, found wonderful people in every empire. The empire does not make you, you make the empire. Many play the brigand but some of them have got to be kittens.

Spectre OTG
Poet/warrior turned warrior/poet finding a shoot out at the OK coral a waste of my time. I needed something do the chore of fighting for me. So, why not drones. I have grown fond of my drones and keep them as pets in all my ships were possible. Beware expectations, seek aspirations.

I have accidentally abandoned some of my pets and even shot up one, ouch. He lived, but had to take it to the vet. Hope I don’t get accosted by the ASPCD (Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Drones) they really like to guilt trip people.

I have bought plenty of Acolyte I drones; but my hornets, hobgoblins and others have all came from salvage. Also, I am not above rescuing a stray by scooping it into my cargo hold. I can only hope my own strays find a good home. I did manage to send one stray back to it’s owner. They were appreciative. If you want people to appreciate you do something, talk is cheap.

I’d rather have a salvager than a gun. Been there, did the bang, bang your dead thing for years. I do keep my civilian Gatling handy, for plinking.

“Cannot run out of time there is infinite time, you are finite, Zathros is finite, this is wrong tool.” ~ Zathros

Over time I did become more confident and competent, which is a part of actual military leadership and training in the Army. I was trying to mine in Hek once and there were so many wrecks I could not resist the opportunity. I salvaged what I could and left the containers. My cargo and ore holds were filling up. Using Particle Bore Compact Mining Lasers was also spreading up my efforts.

Got ganked for the first time, I didn’t have a prayer. I lost my ship, cargo and some of my best fits; easily replaced, but that was not the point. I would need a better escape plan and I came up with one. It has been said necessity it the mother of invention. Invention and “the worlds most powerful graphics chip” that’s how it’s done.


Who really knows the true motivations of another? There is a lot of throwing stones and running away these days no matter where you go online. Best to know thyself in any case and remember EVE is a sandbox. If you don’t like how others are playing then they can become characters in your story not theirs. Writing fiction you can fill in the blanks they won’t. It’s better than calling people names. I do not judge others, that does not mean I don’t discern the situation.

I do not begrudge the pirates, they have mouths to feed; peg leg children with hook hands. “Please sir may I have another.”

TREAT: [Work 2.0: Game on! | Hidden Brain Media]
The world of play and the world of work are often seen as opposites. But they may have more in common than we think. In the second installment of our new Work 2.0 series, Ethan Mollick makes the case that we can make our jobs more engaging by incorporating elements of games.

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We have these magical adventures and life goes on, the mundane tasks of daily living only not without joy and benefit to our daily lives.

Engaging the wider world our lives take on new more potent meaning. You are the hero in your own story, the chief protagonist in a dimension of sight and sound and so much more. The possibilities boggle the imagination. You are a maker of worlds, what will you make today?

I am ready to outfit my frigate with a Micro Warp Drive and a Overdrive Injector or two because I do feel the need, the need for speed. I have no problem overtaxing the capacitor, that’s what it’s their for.

Today just going to the market. The tools required? Since I personally don’t like guns any more, had enough of that in a previous life (Galactic Civilizations II ©2010), my gunrunning faction has gone back to it’s humble roots, an autobody shop in Mexico. Thinking of expanding the business to include roadside service.

I do like to travel with my pets. I keep plenty of Acolyte I drones on hand for protection and occasional ratting while mining. An interesting note, it seems there is better mining just one or two jumps away. Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side of the stargate.

Maybe, from my old tutorial days, I’ll put my old civilian gat in it’s holster, just for plinking. Those were good times though a little frustrating. They say you can never go back, well you can only be a beginner once even in New Eden. I was so clumsy back then, still am a little. Sorry to all those I bumped in the belt, double clicked on your ship by mistake which pulled my ship out of it’s mining orbit, my bad.

I always take a Salvager. Salvage is not the kind of thing you can expect to get rich from but it is fun. Beware expectations, seek aspirations. Salvage like aspirations will come to you, but you never know when or where. A new piece of salvage can inspire new ideas. I have been introduced to more fits this way.

I have never purchased a Hobgoblin, Warrior or Valkyrie. The ones I have are all rescues. I do try to return the lost to their former masters when possible. Maybe I should start a regional charity for lost puppies and those who want to adopt them. Not into charities really, I prefer a challenge. My favorite Veterans Foundation IRL is The Mission Continues. The right name for the right idea.

Isaac Azimov once wrote; “Life unlike chess continues after checkmate.”

Eve is not spreadsheets to me, I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants. Eve is for fun and flying. I can do the technical stuff, but I choose to focus on the joy of flying. I wonder if future spaceships will have the kinds of augmented reality screens we have on our EVE ships? I could use bigger print on my overview list, I keep selecting the wrong item.

I enjoy the constant banter in the chats over this fit or that fit. It reminds me of when I used to watch my friends work on their cars. They would have the engine apart on Saturday and back together on Sunday. I became part of the crew because my vehicle actually ran.

Time to undock. If I were going to pick up a ship I would take my shuttle. I keep to keep two Cargo Extenders in the shuttle cargo bay in case I need to expand the new ship for storing my shuttle so I can bring both back in one trip.

I like to shop on the fly. Keeping an eye on the Overview I wait for the cloaking timer and jump through the gate. While in warp I have the market already open and go through my Quicklist while in flight. It’s interesting to see how the prices change while moving from region to region. It’s also a nice way to entertain yourself on long hauls. I feel safe while in warp and have plenty of time to check prices of favorite items noting where I might want to stop at in the moment or come back to later. I like to bring hard to find items or bargains I have found on overpriced items back home to sell there. Those who throw isk around are just making stuff more expensive.

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These screenshots don’t do justice to the amazing work being done by a Retriever piloted by Jirriq; Greg Taladro also fleshed out the scene with his impressive ship.

From those who pilot these whale’s and do other massive mining it would be interesting to all of us what you are doing out there in the belts. Don’t be afraid to tell your stories here this minor miner is curious and I am sure others are too.

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