Need a good t3c exploration fit

(Malik Audanie) #1

hey im after a good t3c loki or tengu exploration fit with travel fit etc

(Helyss Mezana) #2

Please specify exploration. There is loads of different kinds of what people refer as “exploration”, so please tell me more what you’d like to do with it in specific, so people can give you actual helpful replies :slight_smile:

(Malik Audanie) #3

its wo run ded dites, i have a dedicated relic toon already

(Spugg Galdon) #4

It’s been a while since I was active but recent boredom has gotten me on the forum again

Essentially, max your dps, damage projection and application and fit only enough tank. Cap battery fits are useful

With the current t3c mechanics carrying a covert sub is easy for scanning and travel. You could go all out with a interdiction nullifier too if you’re in dangerous null sec. But you’re probably better off sticking to low sec if you’re solo.

I can throw a couple of fits together and post them here if you want. Be warned though. You’re gonna have to bring it out with faction and deadspace gear.