Need contact to FC


I am writing a bit FanFiction. Hence I need contact to a Fleet Commander for a few combat related questions, since I have no clue about PvP. Please send me a PM here or ingame.

Thanks in advance.

Contact ‘Desmios Sanguis’, he’d be happy to help. Just post the final fanfic :smiley:

Isn’t that another one of your alts, Tenui? Like @Arcturen_Sanguis?
I have some doubts about a player known for being a solo wormhole player in a solo corp (with his alts) who very much dislikes fleets or grouping up to have useful input about being a fleet commander.

But maybe that’s just me.

@Daiko_Kobayashi take a look at the list of people on zkillboard who have group kills using the Monitor flagship. The vast majority of them are fleet commanders, maybe one of them can help you.

Oh, thank you. I already found someone.

Will your fan fiction be as colorful as that last post?

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