Need help in calculating the need of Mercury

Hi Eve online players
I am tring to Make this matrials:

Promethium Mercurite x 1400
Dysporite x 101000
Neo Mercurite x 200

So how many Mercury do i need to do so ?

I think for every 200 units of what you’re trying to make here, you need 100 Mercury.
It should tell you the formula somewhere.

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I want to be sure of the number that i got.
So can some one calculate it for me.

hi @Steve_Ronuken
Thanks for passing by.
I checked the link and it is usefull which it is give the basic information.

If possiable i request a tool that show the amount of raw Matrial Needed like ore
or moon goo or even salvage.

So when i want to build a Paladin i can know the exact amount of stuff to build from zero to advance

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