Cerin's T2 ship material calculator


After days of looking for calculator that tells me how much exactly moon minerals I need to craft T2 ships I decided to make calculator myself, this calculator is not counting price or time, it’s purely for materials.

Cerin’s T2 ship calculator

For now only Caldari Ships tab works, will be adding rest factions in few days. So it’s work in progress. Wanted to get any feedback on it, anyone is free to download and use it.

Also my excel skills are at lowest level (started with it yesterday), so I apologize if there are any mistakes, typing errors etc…

I hope it helps some people with this crazy amount of reaction/moon minerals T2 manufacturing needs.
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


  1. Found a error when it count basic moon material amount - repaired.
  2. Added ME function + Drop-down menu for Engineering complexes.
  3. Added Minmatar ships, made drop-down menu with ships (more noob friendly)
  4. Added Gallente/Ore ships also added choice to choose material efficiency for parts blueprints (so far it changes ME % for all of them it’s not separate, but most people are using ME 10 anyway.) Might add separate ME for each part later, it’s not priority now.

Again, if you encounter any problem or calculation error, please let me know so I can fix it :+1:


Heya! Nice work :slight_smile:
While I don’t have use for it yet (doing ships at a lower level) I’ll keep it in mind when (if) I want to verticallyexpand my production.

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