WTS T2 Production Spreadsheet, All Races, Carriers/supers**UPDATED**

Selling access to my T2 production spreadsheet that shows you exactly what you need to produce any T2 ship.

  • All T2 Caldari ships
  • All T2 Amarr ships
  • All T2 Gallente ships
  • All T2 Minmatar Ships
  • Carriers & Supercarriers

This sheet includes live prices in each step of production from moon minerals all the way till t2 components.

Shows you how much you need in each step so you can decide to either buy or mine/build yourself.

Contact me(or Filthmasters) ingame or post here for any questions.

Price: 750mil isk


:parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot:

is this updated to all new changes? does it pull assets of what you already have?

how early can I receive the spreadsheets?

Is spreadsheet actual? If yes, is it still for sale?

Yes & yes

Online now for any questions

Sheet has been updated, get it now!

Online now if you need it

Hello, I have transferred the Isk. But I didn’t receive any reply from you after that. I have sent you a mail regarding that but still no reply.

Who did you send it to, neither me or Filthmasters recieved anything from you, mail or isk wise. Please check you spelling of the characters.

I have sent the ISK to Filthmasters. I have sent the mail to both of you. can you check your Inbox? I got a reply from you that my personal link for the spreadsheet is getting ready but no spreadsheet or reply from you so far. I can give you the exact date when I sent you the ISK and the date when I sent you the mail.

bump up, online.

Bump online

Sent ISK and a message days ago. No response until now :frowning:

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