Selling 152m SP Industry, Alliance Management, Science, Production, Rorqual, JF/Freighter, Mining Booster, Shield Logi and Trading Character

Skillboard: Ravenis

Required Information:
Positive ISK Balance
No Kill Rights
4 Jump Clones Located in High Sec (One with industry implants)
Character Located in Perimeter Trade Hub
Security Status -0.36723945

Do you need to run 10k’s member corp or alliance? no problem.
Maybe do mining with any mining ship? T2 mining frig or maybe Rorqual? Can do.
Need to jump assets to null with JF? Sure thing.
Research prints or Product something? Why not.
Boost your mining fleet with full boost skills and drone support? ofc.
Sometimes support fleet with shield logi or maybe just hop in to some missile boat? Yes sir.
Relax by doing some market pvp? Sounds good.
PI or manage structures… Yep.

You can do all those things practically with full level 5 skills and more with Ravenis.

Starting Bid: 115 bil ISK
Buyout: 140b bil ISK

Few pics included about implants and remap availability:

Don’t hesitate to give offer or just buyout.

InterestedI in Rorqual and JF, I’d offer 97B.

Ty, going to sleep and i’ll check whats the situation tomorrow.

Sorry, my OS M.2 got whacked…
Anyway. 105B and it’s a deal?

Sry, if u read my history post u can find that I’ve bought 2 over 100m sp chars.

Now I’m lack of isk and 96B is the all isk I have. :rofl:

Well ok, NP, it’s a deal then. I contact you in game after ISK has been sent ok?

Alright… I’ll send isk in few mins.

ISK and email sent.

Please make room for character, I cant transfer it before.

my mistake, new mail sent.

Ok, Transfer is in progress. Saying:
Will be completed after 11/18/2022 3:44:48 AM

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