[SOLD] WTS T2 Industry and Research character


Starting bid at 20B. 25B buyout. Character is positive isk, no kill rights, L4 missions available ministry of infernal order out of Amarr. Currently in Jita 4-4, 1 JC available, not set anywhere.

+4 Training pod with Beancounter Metallurgy and Repro, as well as highwall mining implants in slot 6,7 and 10.

21B offer


If no one outbids you within 24 hours it’s yours.

22b offer

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If no one outbids you within the next 12 hours of this comment, it’s yours.

I can offer 22.5B, isk ready, but I need to trade within this hour because I am going to offline and will not online again today.

I’ll top 22.5B, but I’d prefer not to be outbid by a couple percent with a time dependency.

Currently at work, so would be unable to complete it within the time frame you’ve given. My apologies

No stress, life comes first.
25b buyout, ISK ready. Happy to wait for transfer if you’re pre-engaged

Perfect. Sold. I get off work 6pm eastern, and I’ll be home around 8pm eastern and I can get everything done there asap.

Working long shifts sucks sometimes. Lol.

ISK and account details sent. Have a good rest of your shift <3

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Thank you! I’ll get it done as soon as I get back home.

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Isk recieved, transfer started.

Payment ID 55463374

Character received, thanks