Need Help Winning A Bet

I have a bet with a friend about how many crew members are on our ships besides:

  1. Us, the Capsuleer
  2. Aura.

In EVE Lore our spaceships are piloted by Capsuleers, and (now) a unknown number of Non-Capsuleers who work on the ships we pilot. At one time, Game Mechanics showed how many “mundane” individuals crewed the ships we piloted. There’s even Eve sanctioned lore, and backstories like All These Lives Are Fit To Ruin, that show the interaction between the two.

I’ve found one website that lists in “miscellaneous” data the number of passengers a ship could take on, but nothing that lists crew members. Website with passenger numbers here.

Any help would be appreciated, as I’m trying to find the number of Mundane Crew needed to run a Thorax.


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I believe all the stats you’ll need are there.


One. Aura isn’t real

Yes, ships have crew.

Ships piloted by a capsuleer has a smaller number of crew, but they still have them.

10-50 in a capsuleer piloted cruiser.


Awesome! Thank you!

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Awesome! Thank you as well!

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It’s a bit more than that Steve. The number you quoted is the minimum crew for when no modules are fitted. Fitting modules ups crew requirements, though we don’t get an exact number of how much that goes up off that page you can estimate based on typical crewing on modern ships etc.



I guess having a local gun crew makes sense, when you might have the control runs to the gun broken. (for example)

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I must admit, that it was eye opening with that list, and with the notes at the bottom. I can see where paying for upkeep and crew would have been tedious, and glad CCP removed that. However, just for the sake of fun immersion it would be nice to be able to see that number. Heck even the PvPers could say:

“Hey, I just ganked a Thorax, with a crew of 150.” or “That’s ok we took out a Caldari Titan with a crew of over 7000.”

Talk about a missed opportunity.


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