Cost of capsuleer ships vs non-capsuleer/Crew compliments 2020

After searching for a few hours I have yet to find any direct lore on the cost of capsuleer ships vs “standard” ships so thought I’d ask here. Are there major differences in the ship hulls and would a single pve mission of ours cost factions billions of isk (level 4)? Also is there any recent info on capsuleer npc crew compliments and sizes?

No info on the cost whatsoever in the lore I believe.

And no recent info on crews.

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It depends on a lot of unknowns. While industrial ships are very large they may come with automated storage systems which would make sense. (Like Amazon does in their warehouses) I’m (not a capsuleer) flying my industrials with a crew of 300-400 people. Most of them dockworkers/engineers and around 10-20 stranded pilots for navigation/control :wink:

I make up crew sizes depending on active modules used. If I fit a probe scanner for example add 3 Scientists to the crew to control it and such things ^^

I think since ships of the same class may vary in size a lot the table is not 100% accurate. For example a Hyperion is like 4 times the size of a raven so would need around 4 times the crew.

I think theoretically it can be possible for a capsuleer to fly even larger vessels completely without crew if he/she docks up regularly for maintenance. The crew is from my perspective basically just there to keep everything running for the capsuleer. What happens when a gun suddenly stops working or a pipe bursts inside the ship. Could be theoretically fixxed by drones,too, right? ^^

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Not sure why these would correlate so much. If anything, they’re both probably around the same and both a bit lower than an Apocalypse.

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I think the bigger the ship the more maintenance it probably needs. But this is only my opinion, depends on the technology of the factions, too. And there are quite huge differences in ship sizes of the same class:

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Since caldari are probably really efficient I think their battleships may get along with less crew, while the minmatar would need more, because of the more primitive technology or less efficient design even if the ship sizes are nearly the same. I really like how the caldari design battleships that can compete with the much larger vessels of other factions ^_^`

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Capsuleers are essentially the CIC bridge crew in one person; however a ship of any size other than a fighter would need a crew complement for ship functions.

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