Ship Crew Wages

I have a fair idea of how many people crew cruisers, battleships, etc. But these crews have to get paid, right? What are their wages supposed to be? Am I going to get in trouble with the Gallente Federation for wage theft? These are the questions that keep me up at night.


This suggests anywhere between 1-5 isk per month

I wonder if @Felix_Frostpacker is a generous capsuleer who pays 1 bil ISK to the crews in his employment. :thinking:

Imagine the roleplay possibilities if one could set up a monthly payment for their ship crews. :blush:

I pay mine about 3 isk per month

They do.

1 ISK for us is like ALOT of money for non capsuleers.



Yes you would , but luckily for you I can take care of this for you for a 1 billion ISK, limited time offer.

Upwell workforce clones will man your ship for free. They can be starved for long times and are radiation and toxins resistant. …or so the Upwell’s pamphlets say :grimacing:

Upon ship loss you can get full replacement of the crew of same individuals with same skills.

“Part of the crew part of the ship”


that’s a really bad wage ngl

They will rebel and bite you in the ass.

When I make Isk, they make Isk… When I don’t… Weeeelll They tighten their belts. As I am floating in a vat as a capsuleer. The nutrients are delivered by one means or another. I am not real worried about eating now am I. Though at such times it does behooves me to make sure that I have extra security in place…

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Just wait till they form crew unions and demand fair treatment and such. :upside_down_face:


Which is a very good reason for making sure your crew are happy with you.

3-5 isk is normal

It is at that point that they have volunteered to become Zaera’s personal snacks…

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The Blood Raider Covenant began as part of the Sani Sabik, an ancient Amarrian religious cult. Over time their practices grew more fanatical: they began draining victims of their blood to use in rituals. The Blood Raiders believe that the blood of a cloned body is purer than other bodies; as a result, they began seeking out and attacking unaware pod pilots.

The Blood Raiders hold the Amarr Empire and its faith in contempt. They often carry out attacks on Amarr crewed vessels and Amarrian colonies.

The Blood Raiders are considered extremely dangerous, deviant criminals and terrorists. Their CEO, Omir Sarikusa, heads the Amarr Empire’s most wanted list as well as DED’s most wanted list.


Yep that would be the crew I would draw…

My Marauder Control Engineers are the highest paid, at around 120-150 isk per annum. The salaries cascade downward in approximately 10 isk pa increments down to around 50 isk pa being the lowest paid. Mid level payments are awarded to the line engineers, surgical staff, and scientists, and the lowest paid at around 50 isk pa are the chefs and teachers.

“Menial” work is meated out by the slaves on board.

All members of the crew, free and slave, are awarded decent accomodation and food, free of charge, with living space for 3 immediate family members. There is also a stake against 0.01% of all salvage for all souls on board, which in a good year can double or even triple their salary, and afford the slaves a stipend to provide their extended family with trinkets and better food.

I pride myself on the comfort of my crew and slaves, and for me; their happiness in their holy work is like a glorious choir singing praise to the Almighty.


ONE isk is ALOT for non capsuleers guys. Planetary economies are way different vs us.

We can buy entire planets if we could. Or fund governments. Or entire pension plans.

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the average family on a planet saves about 10k isk in their life time, 1 isk is not a lot tbh

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