Ship Crew Wages

Why save? just gank a miner.

I’m sort of surprised by this but can let this slide for now.

Don’t let it slide, use the emotion to fuel your gym sessions. :wink:



I had never considered submitting word salad to this particular location of the forum.

Why must I torture others with mind twisting sentences?


Because you are a Frostpacker:wink:


Dunno, but it got you blocked by the Princess, she is not amused

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Yeah he tends to generate that reaction… even to his own posts. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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Truth be known that is a win for Frosty as that space witch also stopped demanding billions of ISK

Don’t think she stopped in the sense of no longer require you to pay just stopped reminding you of the fact but clearly your debt to her keeps piling up week by week. :wink:


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Truth be known that Frostpacker just wishes that the Forum Moderation Crew are paid.

It makes sense to pay them before any fictional ship crew!

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Absolutely not, censoring Zaera is an unspeakable crime, punishable by poverty unless she is suitably compensated ingame with ISK.

We’re talking about Ship crew being paid and then I went on a tangent while wondering if mods are paid.

Which one are you Fang?

My guess would be that you’re just ship crew!

I’m feeling pretty good not needing to pay my ship crew!

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You always do

Oh Really? For eternity Frostpacker, you gonna scrub the decks of my ships with your toothbrush.

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Ohw… that’s some sick 666th degree burn right there. :smiling_imp:


Yeah? But how does your ship crew feel about it, hmm? Ever thought about that or just yourself?!


Planets are not commodities and that ownership of various moons that orbit the planets goes against the boundaries that had been set.

I’d be looking for your toothbrush if I were you, you got alot of decks to scrub

You are not our Princess!

What is the result of disobedience Frostpacker? Hard consequences — sad consequences. All because you don’t do what Zaera is asking, Zaera always has a reason for asking certain things, and her way is always best, she is the best.

Trying to find some way out of obedience? Maybe Zaera’s way seems too hard, too complicated, too scary, will make you look strange, or downright doesn’t make sense. But the problem with every one of your reasons is a focus on yourself rather than Zaera.

And by the way , for your impudence, call the toothbrush Maggie

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For maximum cruelty make sure to force him to call the toothbrush Maggie and chant that name while doing the cleanup work.


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