Need help with esi corporation structure

I have troble with esi:
i send
$header = "Authorization: Bearer " . $characterToken;
$link = ‘’ . corporation_id . ‘/structures/?datasource=tranquility&language=en&page=1’;
Use GET method.
Server answer:

stdClass Object
[error] => authentication failure
What am I doing wrong?
P.S. chatacter token have all access, and hi CEO corporation

You are doing something wrong with the JWT/authentication token. What does your $characterToken contain? Is it a string starting with ey?

BTW: In your $link line the $ is missing for your corporation_id.

Regarding character token: Have you requested the token again after having granted additional access to the user? The authorization is persisted within the token and does not “refresh automatically”, so you can’t “add authorization” and “keep the old token”.

In case all that looks right, take the $characterToken and paste it at under “Encoded”. It will decode the JWT for you. Paste the payload here to allow us check what might be wrong…

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