Need help with Jackdaw

Oï !
I recently got my hands on a Jackdaw and tried it with rocket launcher in a Perimeter Camp (C1 site). I almost lost it. I would like some advices on how to play it against Sleepers drones and some advices for when I should go in Defensive, Propulsion or Sharpshooter Mode.

Thanks you in advance :slight_smile:

Fit light missile launchers and keep your distance while also shooting the rats trying to approach you while in sharpshooter mode,if the rats are closing in and you know you can outrun them in propulsion mode that’s when you switch and continue focusing closest target in propulsion as for defensive I’d prob only use it if my tank were breaking and wanted that extra ehp until I could enter warp

There is always the beam-fessor…using aurora for ranges up to 70km or so. Fit an AB and keep range and sig tank it.

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