What is the jackdaw used for

what is it used for and what should I use it for?


It’s really great for catching and taking down DSTs in high-sec wars.

The T3 ‘tactical’ destroyers, like the Jackdaw, have a few strengths:

  • They can easily fit an expanded probe launcher, so they’re perfect for combat probing enemies and warping to them, even if they think they’re at a safe distance.
  • They have three different combat modes, which can make them very agile, or have high damage and very resilient to EWAR, or have decent tank for a destroyer

If I recall the Jackdaw itself is often used as response ship against bomber fleets, as it’s fast, deals good damage against small targets and can shrug off EWAR effects.

You could also use one to safely haul small packages through high sec as the Jackdaw is one of the two only ships that can align within 1 seconds, when in propulsion mode, together with the Hecate.

There’s probably plenty of other uses you can think of for a combat probing and very flexible destroyer like the Jackdaw.

As with any ship, you could look through Zkillboard kills with Jackdaw kills (and losses) about what you can use the Jackdaw for and what fit you could use, if you’re looking for inspiration.


I have seen people running high-tier abyssals in a dual Jackdaw team.

From what I saw, Jackdaw is mostly used for PVE at least in highsec and lowsec. Lvl 1-4 combat anomalies and DED sites are the primary usage. Doesn’t need to move, just warp and shoot. Oneshots pretty much everything so very fast clearing speed.

Sub 2sec align so can safely travel and do this in lowsec too. (Trait shared with other t3d)

Hecate is the PvP variant.
Confessor also mostly pve, Svipul PvP but long range.

Missles are good for npc’s as you can use auto targeting and just afk between belts.

Tactical Destroyers - EVE University Wiki is a good resource on this

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