Anyone PVE'ing the Hecate?

I’ve not flown this ship for PVE ever - I’m interested in people’s usage and fits for PVE.

other than being a slightly harder-hitting catalyst in PVP, I’ve not really been drawn to it over any other T2 or T3 destroyer. Would love to see if other people have made good use of this.

Well, I do PvE of opportunity in my PvP blaster Hecate, like clone soldiers, relic/data sites, finishing 3/10 after killing the previous owner :wink: … BUT I definitely would pick a Jackdaw over it for pure PvE. Hecate with rails may be an valid option though.

yea that’s my feeling too.

The tanking bonus munches through CAP. Speed bonus only helps MWD’s

it’s not bonused well for PVE i think.

There are shield/rail Hecates, but they lack the versatility and performance of a Jackdaw for PvE.

I’ve used it as a hacking ship in low sec. If your hacking and probing skills are high enough, you don’t need the bonuses from the scanning ships like the Heron. It’s good for shoving aside competition or killing AFK pilots.

The blaster Hecate is also good for blasting the tier 1 NPC ore haulers that you can find at belts. I think they drop strongboxes worth 30m isk. Kill them, bookmark the wreck, and warp out before the responsie fleet arrives, then return to the bookmark after a minute to loot.

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wait they drop that

FOB fleets, and FOBs, are reasonably good loot.
But the response fleets scale by the threat (you) they face. They also play hardball - much more like a player than the old NPCs.

Good fun. A bit like playing chicken with a meat grinder.

Fantastic ship overall.

Can do C2 anomolies quite well, as well as general lowsec ratting.
blaster dps means that any faction spawns or clone soldiers will get killed quick, and orbiting at 1000 with the MWD off will get you under the rat battleship guns.

And naturally insta-warp helps a lot for evading gate camps and the like.

They removed insta warping in T3’s like 6 months after they released them, right?

A polarized Hecate will melt NPC miners and haulers. That’s about the only use I have for it…

You can still get a Hecate to sub-1 second align…

only for the confessor and svipul.

hecate is base 1.96 align in speed mode, and jackdaw is base 2.01 sec. Hecate without any plates added to it is insta warp, and the jackdaw can get there with one nanofiber low/rig.

Hecate for the win, I use a T-2 rail fit when out ratting, love it, the range while in sniper mode and spike will kill most frigates long before they range you, very fast travel.

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