How does a Stork handle DED 4/10?

I love the design of the Corax and Stork and was wondering how well they handle DED 3 or 4/10 Escalations?
I have recently returned to the game after a 5 year break and have saddly lost most knowledge with the game and its mechanics. Lots of reading to catch back up. But i generally play solo or with a friend and we want to stick with PvE for a while until we are better rehearsed.
Does the Stork do well in PvE or is it only useful in PvP situations. What kind of Fits are good for PvE with the Stork?


why do you wanna handle a 3/10 4/10 DED with a Stork, when a Jackdaw can do them easily?
Stork is a nice PVP ship

I love the looks of the Stork and have the skills trained to fly it

if you can fly a stork, the jackdaw is just a few skills away, i think the stork can do it, but the jackdaw is far saver and a little bit cheaper.
i tried out a lot of ships for gurista scout outposts, in my opinion the jackdaw is the best, if you don´t want (or can) use Eve´s “Swiss Army Knife” Gila, or Orthrus.
If you have to travel into, or through losec the Prop mode of the jackdaw with the interceptor like allign time (1 inertial stabber in lowslot) is another argument for it.

And if you don´t like the look…do it as i do…zoom out^^

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The Jackdaw really is ugly. But it is a solid performer and like Nadja says will do the sites really well. The Stork is primarily bonused for PvP, and while you may find a fitting that does what you intend, the Jackdaw really shines in these sites. It is a mini-Tengu.


I looked at the Stork and a full DPS fit with light missiles (2x T2 BCU, T2 Bay Loader, 5% Damage Implants x2, 5% Pyrolancea booster) you get 250 DPS with perfect skills. Not a lot, but it’ll cope. 3/10 and Rogue drone unrated sites will be a breeze. 4/10 you’ll chew on the overseers for a long time and you might have difficulty breaking them without overheating. Tank is more than good enough and it is quite fast on afterburner, which helps with evasion.

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