Need help with p.i

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The perfect setup on planets to make the most ISK

I’m sorry I should have been more specific.

Useless replies to my posts, that they are ignoring…

Just to say,

that i recently achieved max skills with pi, and recently set up a colony on a lava planet in highsec to test out the yield/isk per day etc.

Not that i’m suprised, but it’s quite poor.

I’m making a T1 product using the basic processing facility, and over the course of nearly 1 week the estimated value of the product in the warehouse is roughly 8 mil.

Remember that these processing facilities have a ‘maximum output per hour’ of 20 units and there is a limit to the number of these facilities you can have before your energy grid gets overloaded, so no matter how high your extraction rate is, you basically have to rely on the speed of the processing units at the end.

So what i’m saying is that income here is cleverly capped, and making high-tier products is basically impossible without doing logistics involving many planets over several alts.

Side-income at best.

Yeah I remember Dev talking about that when it was released.

They wanted something related to planets that makes decent isk, but you can’t get rich on.
I think it was partially due to the concern over bot’ing.

Please disregard my question. I am stupid because I was using the largest barren planet in eve.

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Heh that whats yer da said

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