Need help with p.i

For starters:
-lvl 4 skills
-done a few colonies before
-never made anymore than 100 million in total.

I need help, help figuring out how to make a simple setup, that is efficient on its own, but That I can keep a daily or by daily eye on, I’m not sure if I have enough trust to let the damn thing run longer than 4 days max without impending failure.

I have noticed each time I make a colony that it goes great for a few days than goes south, because one or more of the materials is under harvested.
And moving the extractors isn’t my strongest ability, while not hard, I feel as if I need to rip everything up and start over? Is this normal?, or can you stay in spot and extract for months on end ?

Also, is there a tool that tells you what you can make within each system?

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Greetings, I can point you a guy in my corp that makes a fortune each week , mail me ingame and I send you his contact.

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Ok I will when I get home from work, thank you for your help.!!

Thank you for your lengthy detailed response,
I hope it is alright to contact you in game with further questions ?!

Why flagged ? What the heck, and what does hidden mean??

That person wants you to go to an in-game channel and click a weblink, which could be very bad.

Someone flagged their post for review.

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Use a planet with a smaller radius so it cost less powergrid to run a link long distances. Lets you move your extractor around more.

With the same skills I can run one extractor with all heads. Plus 8 basic factories. And launchpad with storage. Still have enough PG to stretch the extractor as far as I need.

Thanks for adding me.

Now I won’t have to read your useless replies. :wink:

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Define ‘I can keep a daily or by daily eye on’.

Sure you can inspect the setups from any part of New Eden, but can you actually work with the POCOS and freight of the materials every single day? If not I’d suggest adding more storage facilities to give you more free time before they are full.

I was thinking about finding a mostly empty wormhole, and setting up 2 characters with 5 planets each try and make nanite paste.

I just wish I could expose what I’m doing wrong, so I can get better at P.I, A’s right now I’m probably doing everything right, except one small thing I’m over looking,

His comment was pretty useful to me, as it explained why your post, which seemed informative to me, was being flagged by some people.

@owl_titanside If you want to do PI, it would be good to google for some resources and read up on it. Setting up a few planets isn’t that simple, you’ll need to think about which type of PI goods you want to produce, and which tier. If you want to produce it all on one planet or multiple, need factory planets or not and whether you want daily attention or look at your planets once a week, whether you want all your planets in one system for easier and faster access, or multiple for more valuable planets, etc.

Read up on it and make a plan for yourself.

I personally did the same almost two years ago and set up my PI on three characters on my main account (three PI characters for the price of 1 subscription, it’s worth it to level alts to train PI) to produce T1, T2 and T3 that I use myself for industry. Most of the planets in one system, a few in another system and bi-weekly cycles is what I can bring up.

I wouldn’t want to log in daily for a year, last ‘log in for two weeks straight every day for 1M SP’ event nearly burned me out on the game…

Fat chance.

Why do you assume you’re doing everything right except one thing? Maybe you’re doing everything wrong. Just saying…paradigms.

I think this is over-complicating it. It’s not wrong, but like I tell people new to lifting weights. Do 300 reps, then do 300 more. Keep doing that.

The point isn’t that that’s effective, the point is that doing so many reps allows the person to learn for themselves what more they need to know.

Just dive in, crash on a planet that has some decent P1 sale value, harvest…practice building-up the harvests. Don’t worry about being right before your colonize.

Experimenting with PI for a few days to learn it is useful. But if you want to use it as a passive income source you want to initially put some thought and time into it (and research about the type of PI you want to produce) so you can earn all the PI goods afterwards with a few clicks a day/week.

Not wrong, but there’s so much “basics” to wrap the head around that I think you really do just need to crash course up front. Grab inefficient planets, maximize their production, expect to lose colonies and rebuild them more efficinetly.

Accept the challenge of low-yield planets.

Then you’ll have the ammo to do a higher yield properly.

Because it’s very easy to earn a ~2-3mil isk a day from a low yield, and on a high yield you can think “oh yah, this is easy” but really you’re working at only 17% of how much you could yield passively.

I think what I need to do is find a wormhole that I can do p.i. Inside of.
Everywhere in highest is out of resources and nullsec I had to many people using the same planets

Thats not really a reason to add him to your ignore list. He wrote something that is potentially a reason why the mods decided to accept the flag request.

Nah, he’s definitely a troll.

I’ve had a peaceful experience since using the ignore feature for the forum.

It doesn’t work like that I am afraid.