Easy passive 25kk ISK per day per char. PI with minimum interaction. How to guide


I remember how difficult it could be for a new players to get ISK regularly and reliably, so I thought I would put this “short” guide on how I make easy passive 25kk ISK per day per character.

Please keep in mind that this guide is based on my personal experience and that it might not be the best out there.

Basic info:

  1. I live in WH space
  2. All skills in Planet Management = 3-4
  3. The prices for PI are changing. Please refer to your nearest trade hub. I use Google sheets which grabs relevant and up to date info straight from http://evepraisal.com
  4. To train all the required skills you would need ~8 days.
    Here are the skills:
    Gallente Industrial 3
    Interplanetary Consolidation 4
    Remote Sensing 3
    Command Center Upgrades 4
    Planetology 3

What do we want:

  1. Have a reliable and constant income of passive ISK.
  2. As little manage time as possible.

What do we get:
A setup with 5 planets which yields ~5kk per planet, making it ~25kk per char. You will need to reset extractors ~every 48 hours depending on how rich your planets are. You don’t have to move PI between the planets, only collect the p2 once in a few weeks or as often as you desire.

For example, if you set it up for 3 chars on a single acc, you would make 75kk per day, totalling 2250kk per month. In that way you can easily pay off your acc and still have some extra ISK to spend. And that is passive income only.

It’s easier for me to write it as I did it, so I’ll do it this way.

  1. I made a list of all the planets we have in our WH, and listed all the resources they have in % richness. (could be a pic here but “not allowed”)

  2. Then I made a table that pulls all the p2 prices life of the internet (you don’t need to make it life, just make a list by checking prices in trade hub, if you want). (could be a pic here but “not allowed”)

  3. I checked all the p2 that could be made using a single planet using this site: https://hanns.io/pi/

  4. Using 1+2+3 I made this list:
    (could be a pic here but “not allowed”)
    Just when I started writing this guide I noticed that Consumer Electronics has been surpassed by Transmitters. Both are made at Lava planets. I’ll have to rebuild lava production, but thanks to recent PI changes, it now takes less time.

  5. You go and build it. This is how I like to assemble it:

Now some tips:

  1. You want your links to be as short as possible. In the example above I end up using 99+% of PG.
  2. You do not always have good amount of both r0 (raw resources) available to you. But in this setup you would have 3+3 extractor heads and +1 extra to spare on either r0. This lets you move your production close to 1 resource and make 3 extractor heads pull it and for the second r0 with worst density you can use 4 extractor heads.
  3. If your planet has OK-ish r0, your production ration would be as follows:
    1 extractor + 1 basic factory
    1 extractor + 1 basic factory
    1 advanced factory
  4. This very setup has “3 lines” (see picture). You can’t make 4 lines as far as I know unless your planet is very rich in respected r0 and you remove extractor heads to make room for factories, but I’m wild guessing it.
    Some math: the production ratio can’t be changed if you want to run everything 24/7 and has little to no extra r0 to spare (my humble opinion). That said, if you have 5 Command Upgrades, it will give you 2000 PG and that is not enough to make 4th line. Just add 2x basic factories + 1 advanced + 2x extractor heads, I’m lazy, but it wont fit. It doesn’t mean 5 lvl of CU is useless. 5th lvl lets you add extra extractor heads which is very nice on planets with low resources. Not to mention you can use this extra PG to move your extractors around to a better spot.
  5. When you set up routs you need to move r0 to port. From port to basic factories. p1 should move to port and than be distributed to advanced factories. That is important. If you decide to move r0 or p1 straight to corresponding buildings, you will most certainly lose some of the resources. I could explain it, but again, lazy.
  6. To make all of your factories run 24/7, reseting extractors every 48 hours you need 864000 of each r0. You can see how much r0 you get when you set your extractors. It is called “total”. I would guess you will rarely get that much r0 per 48 hours (it is here 5th lvl in CU gives your some extra r0) so I would suggest you restart extractors more often, if you wish to maximise your PI income. I usually reset them once 36 hours or so.
  7. There is also important number called “avg. per hour” meaning how much r0 will be extracted on “average” for you. This number is miss-leading as it shows the lowest r0/hour you will be getting. And it is usually at the end of the 48 hour cycle. We can use this number to make some estimations. You need to extract 18000 r0 per hour to feed your basic factories. When I set up my extractors I would usually get 700000-850000 r0/48h. At the beginning of the 48h cycle I would usually get much more than 18000 r0/h, this is good. In the middle of the cycle, after 24h or so, I would normally get 18000 r0/h, after that this number will drop. I can estimate, by looking at this 48h graph when I hit the break even of extracting <18000 r0/h. After this point I will start using the extra r0 I have got at the beginning of 48h cycle, and I could make a guess on when my BFs (basic factory) will have shortage of r0. Basically 2/3 will run. This is why I would reset them more often than 48h. Not necessary, but I like ISK!
  8. Extra planet, with PC in 5, will straight up buff your ISK/day.
  9. Extra 2000 PG will let you move extractors and add extractor heads smoothing whole r0/h experience.
  10. Training extra toon (3 per acc) for 8 days gives you 25kk per day per char. Training Command Upgds and Planetary Consolidation to 5 is 34 days for me (I prioritise different attributes) and will buff income by 5kk/day. New toon is much better!

I hope I didn’t lose you there. Thank you for taking your time reading this. I hope it was somewhat useful.

ps. I had more pictures, but the forums doesn’t allow to put more than 1. What a bummer.


Unit prefixes don’t stack. Just saying, this is not wow here.

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can’t wait for part 2 , where you tell these newer players how to get 3 characters into a C4 with no probing or cloaking skills …

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This Pi will work with any planets, known or WH space. WH and null sec is better since planets there, on average, are better. If you are a new player there is nothing easier than to get to null or WH space. Just apply to one of the many corps that live there through “corporation” interface. There are many corps that would love to have you there and teach all you need to know.
Not to mention probing and cloaking will take just a few days to skill up while you watch a few youtube videos on how to do it.

While I agree PI is pretty easy, you and I have a different view on what is “passive” or “minimum interaction”. If you actually did the accounting of how much time it takes to set up, log in to all accounts each day or two, collect the goods and move them to market, I am not sure you are going to be much ahead of just doing some regular income generation in your wormhole with that time. Especially given the opportunity cost of having to train otherwise useless PI skills on multiple alts.

If the PI grind is your thing then have at it, but I would caution a new player considering it that it isn’t as passive as people claim, and you are going to working for months just to pay off the MCTs or worse, Skill Injectors, you used to train your alts to PI.

Nothing is passive I guess though so if you can tolerate being a slave to resetting extractors and collecting the PI goods, then there are worse paying professions in Eve.


No,it is actually quite good low effort income for new omega players and you don’t need the skills to max.
Furthermore if you’re in nullsec plenty of more dedicated PI players will buy your P1 P2 for near jita prices.
Only pain is initial setting up and that’s it

In Delve this might be true. Wouldn’t guarantee this for any other space.

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I think thats how Russians says M, same goes for Billions

i do 7 day resets with 1 hour a week interaction . Nets around 500m with 5 toons

IV skills mean 2 extractors, each at 18k an hour, 6 P1 processors, 3 P2 processors, a launchpad.

You can do it anywhere, but WH/Null is easy to get the 18k on. In lowsec you might struggle. In highsec its probably downright impossible.

I do 24-48h resets and collect the P2 stuff and bring it to a P3 processing superplanet once every two weeks.

Key is “more P0 =/= better”. You gotta keep it as close to 18k/h as possible. If you get 24k yield, move the heads further away so you get 18.1k or so. Because the 24k yield, while technically giving you bit more money, will clutter your storage like ■■■■ with P0 junk that is heavy and nobody wants. You’ll have to cycle it more often - not worth the time or effort. So keep it close to 18k.

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It is a valid point. That’s why I decided to list how much time it takes me on average to do these things so people could decide whether it worth their time or not. The most consuming part is obviously setting everything up properly. But due to recent changes to PI it is actually not that long now. It would usually take me up to 5 minutes or so to set 1 planet.
I have to admit, I have a “thing” for passive income. It just feels good not worry about isk anymore and see a steady income on planet’s UI. It would normally take 30-40 min every 2 days to reset extractors but factor in an alternative - farming c3 solo or c5 on nestors, for example, in my case. How much time that takes, all the hustle with rolling WH and closing them properly and still being at risk of being blobbed… It is more profitable, but if I can’t do it (time/lazy), I can always count on passive income which warms my heart and keeps my mind at ease.
Right now I’m doing 3 accs with 9 characters (normally I wouldn’t run idle chars but here, for PI, they are perfect), 6 of whom are there only for PI. That nets me around 270kk/day which is more than enough for me.

ps. moving p2 to Jita for sale is ok once 1-2 weeks. And its like 1/3 or so space port capacity (so you could do it even more seldom).

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