Need help with price estimation (cap BPOs)

I have all regular capital ships and component BPOs researched to 10/20
This includes:

  • Carrier x4 (~1.1 - 1.2b base price each) ~3.40b for 10/16
    • Thanatos, Nidh, Chimera - 4.5b
    • Archon - 4b
  • Dread x4 (~1.9 - 2.0b base price each) ~6-6.75b for 10/16
    • Revelation, Phoenix - 7.5b
    • Naglfar - 7b
    • Moros - 6.5b
  • Fax x4 (~1b base price each) ~3.75b for 10/16
    • Apostle, Lif, Minokawa - 4.5b
    • Ninazu - 4b
  • Rorqual (~3b base price, ~6.75b for 10/16) - 8b
  • Components x16 (~21b base price)
    • Full set offer on current market ~32b

Total: ~40.5b base price

Total actual: 17.5b + 28.5b + 17.5b + 8b + 32b = ~103.5b

I’m considering the possibility of selling them so I want to estimate a price for this hoard taking the max research level into account. I’ve done some esttimation based on the current market offers but there might be some other factors I don’t consider.

Is it a realistic price? What do you think?

I think there is a forum for this. That forum is not market discussions. Look under price checks.

Thanks! Somehow missed it.

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