4xCarriers and 4xDread BPO's 10/16

As per title, what is fair price for Archon, Chimera, Moros, Naglfar, Nidhoggur, Phoenix, Revelation and Thanatos BPO that is ME10 PE16?

Thats hard to say, because for these BPOs a lot of time (years…) are needed to research them to that level. You can’t really calculate how much ISK that has cost over the years and the prices in the contracts for them fluctuate a lot. I doubt there is a “fix” price to tell you.

My (personal) lower limit is +2% price increase per ME level and +1% per TE level I have put into them, below that I don’t even consider selling. That means, for a 10/20 BPO I charge at least 140% NPC-price. In your case thatwould be 136% of unresearched-NPC-price. And thats the cheapest I would ever go. And after the recent changes to job costs, it will probably not even cover the job install costs any more for the bigger stuff (Caps, Structures…).

Upper limit is of course set by currently available public conctracts. Check if comparable BPOs are for sale there and undercut the offers. Or make a public auction at the forums. :slight_smile:

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