Need More Goats in Fountain


Capsuleer Outfitters is a null sec pvp corp that is founded by people who have been playing the game together for over five years and who have been all over eve and done pretty much everything there is to do since Beta. We are looking to keep a small corp mentality where everyone knows and helps each other while still bulking up enough to be self sustaining. We are mostly older players with quite a few ex and retired military so some thick skin and a minimum of drama is expected.

We are members of the Bastion alliance which is a member of the Imperium. We live in Fountain.

We are looking for pilots who want to do small gang pvp with us as a corp as well as bigger stuff with the alliance and coalition.

What we offer:

~Experienced FCs and players who have done everything from 5 man fleets to 1500
~Prime ratting space to make isk in Delve and Fountain
~Access to Imperium fleets for constant content
~Willing to help new and returning players grasp the game and learn how to operate in the bigger alliances.

What we expect:

~Prefer at least 5 mil sp. Will make exceptions if the person is fun to be around.
~No drama. Wont be tolerated. We will just kill you and then kick you.
~Be a part of our community. We want to make friends and family not recruit numbers.
~Dont just join us to rat and never do anything else.

USTZ: Kell Idanian
Eutz: Harrkonen Dune

Public Chat: Capsuleer Bar & Grill

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Plenty of grass to graze on here :goat:

Come check us out.

Still recruiting pvpers.

Check us out.

Pop in and say hi.

Still recruiting.

Still Looking.

Hop on our discord and say Hi.

Still recruiting.

Come check us out.

Still recruiting.

Pop in our discord.

Come join the shenanigans.

Still recruiting all spies.

Hop in and say hi.

More Bumpin.

Still recruiting.

Join now so you can get in on the weekend shenanigans.

I am a returning long-time player (after a several year absence). I like what I see from your post. Fountain is one of my favorite regions of EVE, some older and ex-military pilots (I’m both), and I especially like the NO DRAMA aspect. I will drop by soon, Kell.

Just an FYI…your corporation name is nowhere in this post. No problem, I know what it is, I just thought you might like to know. :wink: