Capsuleer Outfitters is looking for more Nutjobs

Capsuleer Outfitters is a pvp centric corp that has been around on and off since 2013.

We are a rough and tumble group made up of military vets and players who have been in eve for ten years or more. Core group of this corp have been flying together for seven to eight years. Due to this we have a strong family atmosphere and a defined culture.

We are looking for pilots who want to undock without their hands being held, who want to pvp in all types from solo to small gang to 100 man fleets. They need to have thick skin and a sense of humor. If you’re sensitive and get easily offended…dont waste our time.

What we offer:

~Activity around the clock. 70% EUTZ / 30 USTZ
~Active and engaged leadership
~PvP in all forms
~Experienced pilots in most areas of eve who are willing to teach
~Members of The Rogue Consortium Alliance. Killing Provibloc.
~Access to good ratting space and R64 moons for isk making
~Multiple JF pilots in corp to help you move

What we want:

~Undock. Be proactive.
~Be willing to learn
~Participate with alliance pvp ops
~Dont be a sensitive snowflake

In Game Channel: “Goat Farm”
Discord: [](http://Corp Discord)
Killboard: [](http://E454 KB)

EUTZ Recruiters: Elloise Kashada, Executive Energy
USTZ Recruiters: Cap James Tkirk, gotchufam

Swing by and give us a look.

Ask yourself this question: Why do you login everyday?

If the answer is because you feel glee when you make virtual spaceships go boom, Capsuleer Outfitters is interested in you.
If the answer is because you like to be on comms having a blast with your mates, Capsuleer Outfitters is interested in you.
If the answer is because you’ve been looking for that group of people that you can stay with without having to corp jump again, Capsuleer Outfitters is interested in you.

Join in-game channel Goat Farm or in-game mail me and let’s see how we can do space violence together.

Daily Bump! Still looking for additional pilots to shoot up stuff with.

Goat pics are required to be posted upon joining.

Daily bumpage.

Still looking.

Still recruiting.

Daily bumpage.

Come share you finest goat porn with us.

Daily Bumpage.


Still looking for some depraved, quality pilots.

Daily bumpage.

Still recruiting.

Lazy bump.

Still looking.