Capsuleer Outfitters - PvP Corporation Looking for Pilots (US & EU TZ)

Capsuleer Outfitters is a Null Sec PvP Corp - founded by people who have been playing the game together for over five years and who have been all over EVE and participated in pretty much every aspect the game has to offer.

We are mostly older players ranging from 25 to 55+ years old with about ten military veterans and active duty of all branches; so some thick skin is needed, if you’re easily offended – this may not be the right place for you.

We are members of the Reverberation Project and we are currently based in Vale.

The alliance itself is led by a cross platform of Corporations who have worked together on a variety of projects previously, therefore there is a clear distinction in the alliance goals for the future.

As such, we are looking for pilots to join one of our corporations depending on the activities you want to do in EVE. Alternatively, your corp can become part of our alliance - individuals or corporations interested in joining can contact the members listed below for more information:

EUTZ: Known Associate
USTZ: Kell Idanian

What to expect from us:

• Experienced FCs and players who have done everything from 5 man fleets to 1500
• A variety of PvP with a range of different ships used
• Industry squadron
• Forward thinking active leadership with clear objectives
• No space drama.
• Willing to help new and returning players grasp the game and learn how to operate in the bigger alliances and Null Sec as a whole.

What we expect:

• Preferably around 10 million skill points.
• No drama, we will not tolerate any kind, we will just kill you and then kick you.
• Desire to be part of our community. We want to make friends and family not recruit mindless
• Able and willing to learn, we will help – not spoon feed.
• Willingness to join Discord and our TeamSpeak.
• Though we have no CTAs or required PAPs – we would like active members, though we always acknowledge real life is the priority.

Channels of Contact:

Public Chat: Capsuleer Bar & Grill

Hitting that 2t, ISK killed shortly for Corp.

Come push us over.

Still looking for pilots. - RIP

More ops occurring tonight.

Update: We are now Sov holders, now would be a great time to join us and experience Null Sov without the grinding internal politics.

Looking for pilots!

Always looking for pilots looking to get into Null!

Join us for Thunderdome this weekend!

Huge updates to come in the coming days relating to activities along with our reaching of new milestones.

Join up with us today and become part of something different.

Come and annoy our CEO for a signing bonus.

Still looking for pilots

Pop in and say hi

Hit us up if you feel like we’re the place for you!

Daily bump, still looking for pilots.

There’s always space for pilots looking to blow ■■■■ up.

Still recruiting!

Looking for new members - especially those looking for Blops action.

Still looking for members.

Also looking for Space Goats.

Still recruiting.