Capsuleer Outfitters - PvP Corporation Looking for Pilots (US & EU TZ)


Hitting that 2t, ISK killed shortly for Corp.

Come push us over.

Still looking for pilots. - RIP

More ops occurring tonight.

Update: We are now Sov holders, now would be a great time to join us and experience Null Sov without the grinding internal politics.

Looking for pilots!

Always looking for pilots looking to get into Null!

Join us for Thunderdome this weekend!

Huge updates to come in the coming days relating to activities along with our reaching of new milestones.

Join up with us today and become part of something different.

Come and annoy our CEO for a signing bonus.

Still looking for pilots

Pop in and say hi

Hit us up if you feel like we’re the place for you!

Daily bump, still looking for pilots.

There’s always space for pilots looking to blow ■■■■ up.

Still recruiting!

Looking for new members - especially those looking for Blops action.

Still looking for members.

Also looking for Space Goats.

Still recruiting.