Recruitment Open looking for all pilots

SOV Corp looking to expand

What we require:
-5mil sp (if your close we can still talk)
-Ability to participate and follow orders in combat
-EU/US TZ sorry AU bros we wont have anyone to fly with you dudes.

What we offer
-Sov Null for PvE & PvP
-Relaxed atmosphere with adults doing adult things on occasion
-Corp held ops
-Corp level SRP after alliance level SRP
-Skillpacks for new players
-Vets with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get situated
-Extensive BPO library for industrialist to copy and build from
-Highend moon good, ice belts and regular ore to hoover up

Join our ingame BaB Pub or BaB Discord

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bump bump trynna grow

with adults doing adult things on occasion
I like where this is going nudge nudge

if youre pvping with pants on while on comms… youre doing it wrong

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Looking for key individuals as follows
Mining Captains
Lead Builders
Standard Citizens

come on citizens we need you!!!

bippity boopity bump, were looking for more wingnuts

Merry Christmas to all of new Eden, and uhhh join my corp!!!

Good times, join up capsuleers. We need you.

still searching for those magnificent b a s t a r d s to join up

picked up some pilots, were still looking join up and have a blast

more pilots added to our roster, come join the fun :slight_smile:

Pre-work bump, join already… I’m lonely man checking out!

merry new year to all, still loooking for more pilots to join us out in null and have fun.

New Day new dollar cone make some money and blow ■■■■ up

Who needs a home? Our hostel is open.

Looking for pilots to revitalize small fights, come on in.

Anyone interested in PVP, PvE or industry come on over and join up, we’re looking for pilots from all walks of life.,214,208&b=8953921&e=149&t=frv

another nice string of fights, plenty of fun to be had here boys and girls, sign up today to wipe some SCUM off your boots

Where all the pilots clamering for non-bloc warfare, I’ll tell ya, they I feed can’t get off the test of the blocs because it’s too dangerous.

Sad panda for PvP.

Join up were not in the blocs, were on the blocs setting ■■■■ on fire or doing a drive by killing everything but the target.