Recruitment Open looking for all pilots

PC back up tonight bumping for pilots interested in null life, not blobs, not blocs not being an unseen cog in a giant machine, but being a brother in arms.

looking for more blood for the blood gods, more skulls for the skull throne

Looking for new, old, bitter, PvA pilots from across new eden.

Still looking for pilots

Hey Lonely ive a 60Mill + Alpha account and was hoping to plex it through isk, do you think id have an opportunity to finance that if i was to Join up?

Hey buddy I believe so we have a wide array of options and avenues available to us. Drop me a mail in game or join bab pub

back online finallly after all the issues bumpirino for podirinos

looking to expand our pilot set with any pilots that want to come and have fun

Just upped our man power in vale. Looking for pilots interested in PvP primarily hit us up

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