Negative Density - C5 Wormhole PvP Corp

Recruitment open! \o/

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If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to drop me a convo or mail in game!

We’re recruiting! Maybe you? :wink:

Wormhole PvP and nullsec diving at it’s most fun!

Our members have fun PvPing with multiple ship doctrines every day. You might not be able to fly them all when you join if you’re lower SP but we have quick train options for each. Higher SP players will get to enjoy flying a broad range of ships.

Drop me a mail in game if you’re interested!

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Wanna do wormhole and null pew with a tight group?

Here we are! :bow_and_arrow:

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D3NSE are recruiting!

Want to become a deadly wormhole PvPer?

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In D3NSE we believe in diverse PvP. We fly multiple doctrines regularly, each with unique strengths and requiring a different piloting approach. This allows us to take fights just about anywhere, and the huge chains we scan out daily give us plenty of content in both w-space and nullsec.

Players newer to PvP will be in at the deep end but get plenty of support and guidance, and there’s no better place to learn than face to face with enemies with experienced players around you!

Experienced players will find plenty of daily fights to get stuck in with, and can fly a range of ships in each of our doctrines to keep it fresh.

And, above all, we’re a very sociable group, and believe in having fun. So if you want a tight corp, we’re a good bet.

Drop me a mail in game if you’re interested in having a chat, and tell me a little about yourself!

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Recruitment open!

Plenty of pew!