[NEPSS]Planeptune Strike Squad (BRAVE) Nullsec, Fun First

NEPSS is a nullsec based corp that is a member of brave alliance, with experienced players in both pvp(both solo and FCs) pve, and industry. We also as members of brave have access to the entirety of imperium space for PVE, fleets at all times of day, and access to just about every form of content thru groups within the alliance. Brave also runs multiple hand out programs for every ship type a new player could need, from exploration frigates, to mining ships, pvp frigates and even infinite(yes really) free vexors, all completely free.

Our most important goal is to have fun, and help you have fun as well.

if you are interested(or just want to hang out), come talk to us on our discord(Planeptune Strike Squad | NEPSS) or for more details see below

Corp Values
Our core values in corp can be boiled down to a few aspects:

  • Fun per hour over everything.
  • Helping each other no matter what
  • Corp is here to help you whether members or leadership
  • Being classy no matter how heated things get
  • We may be a corp but we’re ultimately friends

Corp activities

While most of the corp is isk self-sufficient, we do monthly corp meetings where members can bring up anything they want no matter how “stupid” it may seem. We value every opinion and would 1000% rather talk things out than call you out and laugh at you. We have a corp SRP fund, along with access to all imperium space, along with SIGs that will let you operate in every type of space(even wormholes!),


NEPSS loves PvP. We have nothing against Turbo Krabs but love undocking for fights of any size. Whether TIDI being our worst enemy or the enemy fleet of blasters. We will always attempt to defend both our space and our corp mates.


We’re a bunch of nerds in a trenchcoat when it comes to PvE. Most of us have tonnes of experience in ratting from abyssals and ratting to CRABs and Anoms. No matter what your choice of PvE is. We have the facilities to attempt helping it.


Our comms are a safe place for anyone. We don’t enforce heavy rules and try to limit people’s speech to heavy extents. We have simple rules for our comms whether text or voice. Most of us hang out in comms even if we’re not playing EvE online. I’m guilty of being in comms while I play Warframe. Our corp doesn’t like to restrict ourselves to 1 game. Most of us help each other out in a wide variety of games. We can be doing anything from slaying thousands of corpus scum from our solar system in Warframe to crawling through melevalon creek as automatons fire their weapons over our heads in Helldivers to hacking into old and dead accounts in Hackmud to collect that delicious GC.

A thirst to learn the game and not have everything handed to you

The drive to kill out enemies like some vicious war criminal

That you’ll follow both Corp and Alliance rules

Be active

thats it, no SP requirements, no nothing, just a working brain and the willingness to be nice

Still Recruiting

Still Recruiting

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Still Recruiting

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