Nerdherd is recruiting

We Are A Real Life First Corp
Nothing Is Mandatory
PvP/ PvE / Mining / Industry
7 Days a week schedule(Non-Mandatory, simple options for you)

  • Highsec corporation

About Us:

  • No Skill Point Req / Age However, We Ask 16+
  • Newbie PvP Classes Are Available
  • We are an active and growing corporation.
  • Mining fleets all day
  • comms access
  • Nothing is mandatory, nothing is demanded, you’re either online or you’re not. It’s as simple as that, your life shouldn’t be sculptured around an online virtual world. No matter how good the game is. Never let a game come to own your soul.

Activities will include:

  • Teaching proper fleet
  • What is a jump clone?
  • Travel’Ceptor
  • Actual Industry
  • mining
  • ratting
  • nullsec/lowsec pvp
  • Cheap PvP is Efficient
  • Fits for PvE AND PvP
  • Lots more!
  • incursions

Newbie Training:

EvE Online is arguably the most complicated MMO on the market, the cast choices of which career in-game you can take, be it PvP or PvE, or both are astounding in there complications. The simple myth of EvE Online of needing players with millions of skill points to PvP is absurd. We have a collection of frigate and destroyer fully fit that can get you into PvP within 24 hours of starting EvE Online. We will help you, no matter what your skill points, to get into a tackle frigate or destroyer and take part in what we do. NRDH has a very relaxed attitude towards PvP. We will teach you how to align, warp as a fleet, explain how targets are called out etc.

isk wise, i have several new players that have now several billion ISK in assets within just a few months of playing! We will teach you how to become successful in eve you further your character and it’s abilities in this expanding game.

Trial Period:

We know that choosing a corp can be a daunting issue, so we offer all potential members a weeks trial, join us, take the week, join the ops, see how you get on, if u don’t like it, you can simply leave and we will happily give you a recommendation to any CEO who requests from us about yourselves, what do you have to lose? Take the trial :slight_smile:


Exploration in EvE is not really a team game, you can do it effectively yourself. That being said, we do endeavor to make sure there are people on hand to help you zero down that relic site or find a gas field? Call us up, we shall help empty it. We explore all avenues in eve online, from High Sec to low/null/wh’s - nothing is out of reach for us.


Ice, moons, plenty of ore, gas, and lowsec mining etc as well as provide the best boosts the game has to offer.

  • SRP [ Ship Replacement Program]
    Every thing that is properly fitted for a fleet will be reimbursed. 200% reimbursement for logistics ships.
  • All doctrine ships are to be fully SRP’d for fleets.
  • Incursions
  • In NRDH we have built a VERY good relationship with incursion community’s, we have access to good channels with a chance to constantly run incursions in nullsec which in short, will land you billions of ISK a week easily. we urge all new and old members joining to run these.
  • In NRDH we don’t believe in taking big powerful ships and trying for the valour kill, we like to take out small ships in gangs of ten to twenty pilots and simply go look for a fight. Make no mistake, as a FC I couldn’t care less about our corporations killboard, I really couldn’t give a damn. I lead fleets for fun, sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. But as long as the fleet has had fun, I count it a success. PvP for me is about the hunt, the kill and having fun, stats be damned.

So, this is NRDH no secrecy, no hidden agenda, we want you to know what you are signing up for.

If this corporation is something you feel you can get behind or would like to simply trial, join our public chat, mail a recruiter and ask to join!

Join “Nerdherd public channel” and read the channel MOTD [Message Of The Day] – If not, thanks for reading.

hoping we can have a conversation please follow this link for our discord