NETOS - New Player Training Program

How to… What does… How do I… What is… …in EVE Online?

New Player,
EVE can be complicated and New Eden is, well, the size of a small universe, so we have decided to create a proper “tutorial” to EVE. Come learn in the “summer-camp-like” environment.

✪ NETOS is a New Capsuleer Training Program which lasts approximately 5 weeks and:
► Provides lessons on the core mechanics of EVE in an organized and thorough manner
► Provides a relaxed and yet hands-on approach to EVE and insight into a multitude of career paths
► Subjects Trainees to various activities in a streamlined manner
► Activities fortify newly acquired knowledge and skills from lessons by employing them in the activity
► Allows the new Capsuleer to make a more educated decision regarding their future in New Eden
► Fills the new Capsuleer’s pocket with a generous amount of self-earned ISK
► Ensures every Trainee knows how to stay as safe as possible and versed in combat proficiency
► Provides personal-scale lessons, constructive feedback throughout, and reinforces learned material
► Integrates the Capsuleer into the complex eco-system that is New Eden

At the end of the Training Program all Trainees are provided with a medal in accordance to the extent of their training as well as adequate referral towards future Corps in various career paths of the Trainee’s choosing.
Graduates are also more than welcome to stay and practice their newly gained knowledge and skills within our Corp for an extended time as well as learn some more “in-depth” mechanics, and help with the Corp’s goal.

We have successfully trained several Capsuleers who now hold prestigious roles in their current Corps and span across a multitude of available paths in New Eden.

:globe_with_meridians: Check out the NETOS Website for a bit more of an aesthetic explanation.

If you feel like this is something that appeals to you we are more than happy to welcome you in as long as you meet the following simple prerequisites:
✦ You are truly a new player to EVE requiring guidance or you are an experienced veteran willing to part with your knowledge.
✦ Discord voice communications in English. Lessons are quite detailed and voice comms ensure they go smoothly and efficiently. Members of the Corp (and by default Trainees) are in voice comms from log-on until log-off.
✦ Willing to learn and relatively active (3+ days a week suggested).

------------------------------------------------------ About Applying ------------------------------------------------------

:white_check_mark: New Capsuleers:
✱ At the top left of the screen in-game search for “NETOS” and double-click on the NETOS Corp.
(see embedded image)
✱ At the bottom of the Corp’s Info Window click “Apply to Join” and include a description of your situation in your application.
✱ We do not accept applications mid-Training Cycle to ensure Trainees currently undergoing the Program are not held behind, or even worse, that a new-coming Trainee gets neglected or fall too far behind.

:white_check_mark: Aspiring Teachers:
Bear in mind that:
✱ For an experienced Capsuleer, NETOS is a low personal ambition Corp and requires Teachers to be available to Trainees, patient, and bearing a level of selflessness which is not expected from a conventional Capsuleer.
✱ Teachers must undergo the Training Program twice to ensure they deliver the Lessons and Activites in accordance with the fine-tuned Training Program.

We look forward to training you soon!
And whatever you do, we wish you success and above all Fly Safe!

Dace Cad
CEO and Headmaster

---------Update on our Current Status----------
NETOS is again providing the Training Program!
Feel free to contact “Dace Cad” via in-game channels for any info.

This was UPDATED on 17/10/2021

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