[Neuralink Inc.] Indy nullsec corp looking for industrial and pve pilots


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Previous player here. Haven’t played since 2012 but over the past month I have gotten back into it. Used to live in a WH mining for days and I miss the adventure. I have a mining character and a ratter (pvp) character to assist. Would love to get into a corp that enjoys themselves and makes us both a lot of isk :smiley:

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30m Returning Pilot looking for nullsec/WH life
UK Returning Player (13 mil sp) looking for Nul or WH Corp
PVP Player looking for a corp
Returning player looking for null sec or wormhole crop
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Welcome welcome

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20m SP returning newbro
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I’m interested. Sent you a message in game.

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Sounds just what I’m looking for. Will msg in game tomorrow night when back home

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Still looking for pilots to fly with us !

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