Never Forget To Plunder is recruiting, be a pirate and loot everything!

Never Forget To Plunder (NFTP) is a newly created corporation for those with itchy trigger fingers and an eye for plundering everything they can find.

So if you like to PvP, loot every wreck or drone you see even in some carebear’s mission. This is the corp. for you!

New bros are always welcome no matter what skill level, character wise or pvp.

And as the first members to join the corp. you can help kick start us to a rise in fame and terror.

So come join, be a pirate and loot your way across New Eden.

I want to be a pirate! New player

Corp is still open for recruitment, so send your applications.

@Nyaiden Looks like you already joined someone, best of luck to you sir. If you don’t like it there you are more then welcome here.

Corp is still accepting applications.

Character skill points don’t matter.

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