A Pirates life for ye! - [NTNS] is Recruting! [EU/UK Timezone]

Ahoy there matey!

Join our humble crew!

We be on the lookout fer fellow Buccaneers that treat laws more as suggestions 'n forge thar owns path in New Eden.

We do everythin’ t’ gather loot, influence 'n infamy.

Because “Fortune favor’s the infamous!”.

What you get:

  • A PvP-oriented Corporation that aims to form a core of sworn in players.
  • No taxes! For now and forever! Pirates do not pay taxes!
  • The freedom to do whatever you want. As long as you respect your fellow pirates and blues.
  • No mandatory stuff!
  • Regular roaming fleets and FW stuff!
  • Fun. Probably. Maybe. Definitely!
  • Voice-Coms (Duh!)
  • The 0.000001% chance that a parrot will land on your shoulder tomorrow!
  • Scurvy.

What you (probably) won’t get:

  • A PvP Corp of “elite PvP players”.
  • Large scale alliance warfare.
  • Organised HighSec ganking.
  • Pre-prepared content.
  • Being liked by other people.
  • The chance to listen to something else then sea shanties in various forms ever again!

We are mostly based in EU Time zone. So mostly 1600 EVE to 2200 EVE.
But we wont say no to people from other regions. Because we have early birds and night owls alike.

Do you want to be part of a growing corp and help us find our place in New Eden?
Then No Tank No Ship could be the corp for you!

Contact me or join our Public Channel “Black Flag Taver” or join our Discord Server!

Are you guys faction warfare based? I checked killboard and saw minmil.


No. I just do a lot of FW because we do not have the numbers yet to do a lot of roaming fleets.
The goal with this corp is to get a group together and find/create own content outside of FW.
Be it simple piracy hunting down ships, or even station bashing.

FW for me is just a quick and fun way to find and get better at PvP.

We are still looking! So do not be shy!


Push it!

Still looking!

Push it to the limit!


Push it!

We are still looking!

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