EU ex Pirate / 2 year Break / Looking for a new home 133 Mill SP / Caps 70 bill liquid


Been away a long while. Looking for a home. Manz has no friends. Help :frowning: (likes guitars hot dogs and heavy metal)


If manz like 0.0, small’ish groups and no big blocks, we might be willing to listen to those guitar skills sometimes and maibe play spaceship games together.

This is a bit bout us

We might fit the bill.

Check us out brother.

Maybe you want to have an interview with the fourth oldest corporation in ‘The Initiative.’.

We are an easy going corp with very experienced players. As you, we also don’t like drama. Before I repeate my whole posting in this forum, let me link it instead

Should I have got your interest, you can join us ingame in our recruiting channel ‘Thunderkitty’

I am looking forward meeting you there

Fly safe

hay bud if your looking for the love of big fights and overwhelming tie die and CTA after CTA day after day then one of the big block will be good for you, but if you want to play the game for fun and have plenty of pvp with a good bunch of players, RL comes first hit me up

Hi there Mnemic001 and welcome back

if you can consider pochven as an option please make sure to check us out

Looking forward to hear from you