[EUTZ] HOO as Corp in Init. is looking for active players


We are a mature corp (around since 2003) and part of The Initiative. Alliance ( Killboard ). The corp is built around loyalty, friendship and most importantly PvP. Most in HOO (Killboard ) have been playing since the beginning of eve and hence we offer experience and opportunities. .

What we offer

» SOV / access to 0.0 (Fountain)
» Highly experienced pilots & FC’s
» Access to all the pvp you could wish for (both small scale and blob/super warfare)
» Corp dreadnaughts
» Supercapital production and Keepstars
» Up to 100% SRP for ship and capital losses on Alliance and Corp level.
» A chance to make new friends
» A relaxed environment

What we are looking for in you

» You must be active (killboard)
» Able to fly capitals or willing to skill into it
» Self sufficient (we will help you along the way)
» Vocal and willing to use voice coms (Mumble)
» Sense of humour and over 18

What we are NOT looking for

» Trial accounts
» Carebears
» Purchased accounts

Please join our recruitment channel for an interview.

Recruitment channel: Thunderkitty

Or contact us via eve-mail to J3mH4d4r (CEO)


You want to be part of the coolest corp in the best alliance? Thundercats has still doors open for recruitement. Don’t knock, just come in. Let’s have talk

You are looking for a space to do PvP, PvE or any other New Eden stuff? Don’t look longer… join our ingame recruiting channel “Thunderkitty”.

You are unhappy in your current corp or you want to enjoy a complete new game within the game?
Thundercats (HOO) might be the right choice for you.

As a corp of the Initiative. alliance, we are operating in Fountaine. As a corp and member of the alliance, we can offer PvE, PvP, mining, crabbing, FW and much, much more.

We help each other, have fun together and share knowledge and experience. We don’t put on pressure onto our members but we also don’t like drama.

You can read more about our corp in the initial posting here.

We are happy to welcome you in our recruiting channel ‘Thunderkitty’ to have a conversation and/or interview with you.


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