🔵 NEW -ACELR8- Recruit is Open WH/HS carebears

We are looking for Ship-spinners, AFK Miners, and skilled AutoPilot capsuleers are desperately needed and may be compensated a few months of Alpha. If you allow a spanking or two we could be persuaded to Omega you.
Reddit authors and dank masters apply, as you are needed to put a chill on the heat.

Please join us in public ACELR8.

All of our current corp-mates have a very low attention span and rate LOW on intelligence and we would like to keep it that way, if you know what i mean. So consider that when you apply.


Ship-spinners come fast

auto pilot life is the life for me

AFK Mining

Let’s get in on!

cruise control…lol

Hey how is recruiting these days?

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