New alliance recruitment company// 新兴联盟招聘公司//Please email me in the game//请在游戏中发邮件给我

Angel district emerging land leasing alliance Vietnam. Recruits new companies

We are a new land leasing alliance based in the evil Gulf Stream and scorching path, with well-developed transportation. Only one hop away from the express delivery point and five jumps away from the friend Alliance Trade Center.

Companies with an active PVP atmosphere and active participation in anti harvest can apply to the Alliance for a rent reduction

More perfect compensation mechanism, local anti harvest loss system ships can effectively compensate the damage

After all, our Alliance has just been established in Eden. It’s not the best, and it doesn’t have much money, but we don’t have internal power disputes, and we don’t want internal power disputes. The game is a game where everyone can have a piece of fun.





我们联盟毕竟刚成立 在全伊甸不是最好的 也没有太多钱 但我们没有内部势力的纷争 也不希望有内部势力的纷争 游戏就是游戏 大家能碰到一块 吹个牛 乐呵乐呵

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