New Alpha Looking for Corp


Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in me!
I have found a corp which seems to be a near perfect fit, so I am no longer looking for a corp.


I have played EVE for short periods of times in the past, but could never really justify the subscription fee. With the changes to clone states I now feel ready to give EVE a proper chance!

I am looking for a friendly and helpful corp to keep me company and show me the ropes when I’m ready for the more advanced aspects of EVE.

While I am Scandinavian, I prefer a international corp as my play time varies depending on mood and spare time.

I’m fairly social most of the time, so I’m looking for a pretty active corp with members online at most times and who has a active discord. I stopped using TS, vent and other voice chat programs a long time a go, and don’t really feel like going back. So a discord server is a must for me.

I’m not really interested in free ships, skill books and the likes. I prefer making it on my own. I do however appreciate helpful advice :slight_smile:

Currently I am mainly in HS but has started getting my feet wet in LS and am planing on going to null when I feel ready, so a LS/Null corp would be ideal.

I like to dabble in a bit of all aspects of the game, but I am mainly combat focused, so some sort of combat focused corp would be great. Mission running, ratting, PvP and large scale warfare. You name it, I’m in!

If you think I’ll fit in your corp, or you have questions, please let me know. Either here or send me a message in game. Feel free to try a convo as well, but as I’m waiting for skills to train, I’m jumping between games every few hours.

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Hey how is it going? My corp is doing HS operations in Khanid Kingdom right by a lot of low sec. We are looking to find a wormhole to set up in.
If your interested or have any questions you can eve mail me anytime.

Come check out Panoptic in hisec, hit me up in-game or current corp lead Austin Whetburson. While we deal primarily in industry, we do have all our pilots more than capable in combat situations(especially the PvP variety). Heck, most of us can fly up to carriers, and some are up to Marauders, just to give a scale of what we got and can do. WH shenanigans is one of our favorite activities, while moving to null or lowsec is not out of our considerations.

check out Legion Bank and Trust… we are a Wormhole/HS corp looking for new members.

Hello friend! I own a newbro corp training new players in game we do a lot of pvp but i can teach you anything you want to learn. Serving under a strong alliance if at all interested check out my post Two-Faced Marauders : Piracy For Life (Alphas or returning players click here) or message me in game

always love to have some newbros join.

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