New back to eve since 2006 mining question


Used to play a little in 2006, had a retriever and a hauler on another account and used to mine the 2, when i log in it says I cant use the miner now as I need Mining barge 1 and have to subscribe…? I was previously trained to mining 3 so confused, do i need to pay subs to mine?

The venture (mining frigate) is the introductory mining ship. That can be flown by alphas. Mining barges are omega status ships and need a subscription.

That said you can put mining lasers on tons of ships. They just don’t have mining bonuses.

Ah OK so its not f2p its f2p the basic stuff

You can do a fair bit with an alpha “free to play”account. But there arn’t many mining options as an alpha

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As far as I know, it is allowed to play with two accounts at the same time only if they are both paid. Otherwise, at least it was before, you could accidentally get banned by trying to play 2 windows without paying for 2 accounts.

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Yes, thankfully

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