New Bounty Hunting Idea

I’ve always thought since I started playing practical bounty hunting would be really cool. I’ve played many different play styles - I currently gank for profit with alts and play in lowsec and nullsec.

Goal: Addition of a balanced bounty hunting play style

New NPC Corporation: New Eden’s Bounty Services (NEBS)
All bounty hunters must join the NEBS. The NEBS will have standings - the higher your standings, the higher your payout upon a target’s destruction. Standings are increased by destroying targets and the increase is variable on the target’s destruction value.
<0.0 = No payout
0.0 - 0.5 = 5%
0.5 - <1.0 = 10%
1.0 - <2.0 = 20%
2.0 - <3.0 = 30%
3.0 - <4.0 = 45%
4.0 - <5.0 = 55%
5.0 = 75%
Standing loss occurs after criminal activity.
Cannot join with a negative Danger Rating (detailed below)

New Additional Security Status:

  • Danger Rating
  • Goes from -10.0-10.0
  • Scales and decreases like security status
  • Cannot be raised with Clone Tags.
  • Is effected in Lowsec and Nullsec as well.
  • Raises over time logged on
  • If the status is zero or positive, bounties cannot be placed on you. If it’s negative, you can receive bounties.
  • This essentially means if you frequently engage in PvP, you have a negative danger rating.
  • Danger Rating is only affiliated with the bounty system.
  • Danger Rating is not affected by attacking your bounty target
  • Danger Rating is not affected in self defense unless you are a suspect
  • Attacking a criminal or suspect does not affect Danger Rating
  • Receiving a suspect timer negatively affects Danger Rating

How the bounty placement works:
Pretty straightforward. A bounty can be placed on a target at any time as long as the intended target has a negative Danger Rating.

How a Bounty Hunter takes a contract:
The Bounty Hunter must go to a NEBS office and request a target. The target given is random based on their activity and time since they were last a target. Other NEBS hunters may be added to the contract and bounty split is agreed upon by the players at a bounty office. A players split will not exceed the value allowed by their standing. A player will not be given their share if their assistance is absent from combat logs. Ie Logistics will receive their share if combat logs show them repping their NEBS team.

The Bounty Contract:
The target will not know when a contract on them is active. A contract has an expiration date based on the target’s activity. A bounty hunter can skip the contract for a fee. At completion of the contract, a percentage of the value destroyed is given to the bounty hunter and the remainder of the percentage is kept by NEBS.
Standings allow a 75% reward. Target has a 20bil bounty. Bounty hunter destroys the target’s Golem worth 4bil - the hunter takes a 3bil reward, the NEBS office takes 1bil, and the target’s bounty is decreased to 16bil.

The bounty on a player is hidden to everyone but the bounty hunter given the contract. You do not know your own bounty.

If bounty hunting does every become mainstream, there should probably be at least some way to catch a person when they are docked in station. Like, if you have better corp standing in the station than the perp, then in exchange for some of your standings you get to arrest/fine the perp, and thus get a monetary reward, or perhaps the perp is given a timer before they are forced to leave station.

Bring Dust into stations. Walking in Stations with Guns.

All sound like great reasons for those who don’t engage in pvp regularly, not to.

Awesome, 75% payout for destroying a catalyst (roughly 600k isk if T2 fit) because lets face it, those with the highest bounties will be gankers and other criminal types who traditionally don’t fly anything of value.

So, looking at your own stated play style, all your characters are going to have bounties on them - what do you fly that would make it worth while someone wanting to collect a bounty from one of your characters.

I’m sorta at a loss as to why someone who, if you play as stated, would be championing a system that will likely make you a target.

Yes the current bounty system sorta sucks but changing it to a system that by design makes engaging in pvp even more risky is only going to reduce pvp overall.

Why wouldn’t I champion a system that makes me a target?? That’s what EVE is about. We champion pvp even though it makes our isk earning more challenging. The goal is to do it in a balanced way. I fly ruptures on my gank accounts - sometimes tornadoes. And under the system, hunters wouldn’t be able to easily target specific people. Targets are given random based on a formula for activity and possible other factors.

I’m not saying the exact system I gave is the best. But a corporation giving the targets is 100% necessary for balance.

The issue with this is it’s against the “if you’re docked, you’re safe” rule in EVE. It would give unfair advantage to hunters. They would basically never need to wait on their content or be strategic.

Example: wait for target to dock with alt, wait timer out, bring bounty hunter in, and kick them out.

Well, you would definitely benefit less for only finding them in a station, but finding them is still finding them. It comes down to “do I need to find or register for a specific target” or “do I blap anyone and everyone I cross with a bounty indicator on their head”.

If it is the former, then if they are just always sitting in station it really loses any appeal.

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