New C4 Alliance looking for PVP/PVE Pilots/Corps to join our ranks!

We are a group of casual/hardcore players with a strong community-focus. We have pvp roots and though we stay true to those roots, we ultimately envision the corp being shaped by its membership. What we offer is a very player-friendly environment without unreasonable demands and intense regulation. We aim to be a group with a common goal; to enjoy the game with friends and forge a career-long bond with the players who join us, all while leveraging our respective RL and in-game skills to build a stronger community! Our current home resides in a C4 Wolf Rayet with a C4/C2 Statics.


  • Our main goal is to ultimately grow and potentially move into a higher class wormhole!

What we are looking for:

  • Small WH corps that would like to reside in our hole and operate with us no need to join us bring your entire corp in to live with us as your own entitiy.
  • Industrialists!- Combat Pilots!- Team players!


  • To have a consistent, mature, and active player base whom you can trust no matter what happens
  • To provide an environment where every player feels he/she can feel appreciated.

Contact us ingame channel : Shoro Pub
In-game characters: Sexy Lord, Lord Sefros, Lord Dexxus, Drax Kron

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Still looking for pilots.

still looking for pilots

Looking for small corps and individual pilots

do you have a discord server that we can talk?

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Still looking for small corps/solo pilots

How can I contact you?

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Do you have a discord where we can talk?

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looks very interesing i would like to ask more about you guys, any discord or contact to reach you guys?

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Sorry guys RL happened but im back and we are still recruiting. Contact me ingame on Sexy Lord

Still looking for solo pilots and small corporations. Come join spooky space!!!

Welcome to WH life.

Keep the faith and I just wanted to send an official ‘hello’ bump from a fellow WH Entity. Always, give the good fight in local and live well inside your hole…


WHSOC Executive Council

Bump 4 WH Life

Come say hello in our Discord and check out Shorokaze Syndicate! 3

still lloking for solo pilots and small wh corps

Still looking for solo pilots and small corps to join our corp/alliance

Still open for recruitment!!!

Still recruiting!!!

Still recruiting solo pilots and small corps!!!