New Caldari Pilot

Hello, I’m not sure where to put this, but I’m very new to EVE Online and was looking for a corporation to join. I’m not sure what I plan on doing quite yet, but I am interested in finding a corporation that would be open to welcoming new players. I’m based in the United States at the moment, I’m hoping to hear back from some corporations

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Hello friend! My corp and alliance are always open to accepting newbros in and we will teach you all you need to know.

Contact me if at all interested


Dirt ‘n’ Glitter is a PvP oriented corporation serving in the Caldari militia in faction warfare. We offer content and fleets to eager PvPers at any SP range.

What we offer

  • Strong US TZ presence

  • FCs that will actually remember your name

  • An environment not dominated by obsession with kb stats

  • Regular roams - typically brawly armor droneboat comps

  • Dank memes, which we share with all of new eden in local

  • Stratops with and against other local lowsec corporations

  • The good word of our goddess Kesha

  • Did I mention dank memes?

  • Slack with in excess of 200 pepe emotes

  • 100% SRP for doctrine logi

  • 50% SRP for doctrine DPS

What we’re looking for

  • Strong independent pilots (or corporations) looking for gudfights

  • Unwavering loyalty to Kesha

Join our pub channel dirtnglitter for more recruitment info or contact Mikal Vektor, Commander Sertan, Thov, or FallenDream09 in game.

Shoot me an eve mail if you are interested,

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