New chat system block doesn't work, charge to convo doesn't work etc

I noticed that anyone can convo me now, for free, even if I don’t want them to convo me. Has to be something to do with the new chat system, right? Is this issue known?

Did you bug report it?

If not, that would be a good step to take (press F12 in game), as the forum isn’t a ticketing system, so the issue won’t be recorded and followed up if it is only posted here.

They can’t me.

So that means we have to figure out what’s different in your case.

Are these people you have added as a Contact, even as a bad Contact? Because for some reason the game allows anyone that is on your Contacts list to open up a convo without needing to ask (this was the case before the changes to the chat system though).

Something you could try easily is clearing your Cache. It fixes many post patch problems. Have you tried that?

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Have you tried setting a fee to convo you? Set one and see if people can still convo you for free

I don’t really have a problem with that part, people on my Contacts list opening Conversations. It doesn’t happen enough to be a bother.

Besides, a fee would mean the people I do want to talk to would have to pay and I don’t want that.

The point was, all people on your Contacts list can do this (assuming you don’t set a fee). They could ages ago, long before the latest chat patch. I thought this might be what’s causing your issue.

I still get chat requests from people not on my Contacts, with the usual reject option, so there’s no issue for me outside of Contact list people bypassing the need to ask.

The issue is a game feature isn’t working properly. The fee isn’t charged even if you have one set. I noticed this because suddenly randoms are convoing me a lot so I tested it and saw the fee doesn’t even get charged any more even if it is set.

Ah okay, sorry, slightly misunderstood the issue then.

Still, have you tried clearing cache? I had a thing where I couldn’t change the font size of the floating messages on screen messages after the last patch (was stuck on 10 and I usually use 14) and for whatever reason clearing the cache fixed that.

I’m also suddenly gettng regular mass mail recruitment attempts. Annoying. Don’t know if that’s related though.

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