Chat, contracts, local and more not working

Hey everyone,

after today’s downtime, any chat (including local), the contract system as well as People and Places search do not work on some of my accounts. After closing them all as well as the launcher and restarting them, those things work again for some of the accounts but not all. On which accounts it works changes with every complete restart I do. Multiple people in my corp have the same issue.

Fixing this would be very much appreciated since you cant really play this way.

Kind regards
Quinn Greene


Yeah it’s all kind of borked at the moment.

Local chat is working on some clients, some not. Fleet chat is also all over the place.

Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon.

Yup, same here. None of my accounts have a working local at the moment.


Same, and it is very inconsistent. I have relogged 3 chars 5 times and 5 times I got different chars with different issues. Sometimes local/system chats don’t load but player chats do. Other times local/system chats load but only show selected players and I don’t get kicked from player channels. Other times all chars have no system chats. It’s a mess.

But it looks like CCP takes TQ down again. Funny thing about this: The chat server was externalized so that TQ as a whole would not have to be taken down if there were chat issues. That statement aged very well.


But its not only chat. Notably, the contract system is affected, too.

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