New Eden Development Corp [NDEVE] Looking For Industrialists & Miners

Are you an industrial focused player looking for a place to call home?

NDEVE is looking for pilots who have a passion for all things industry related, from mining, research, PI and production on all levels, to help make us and industry powerhouse. Whether you are an seasoned veteran, or just starting your Eve career, there is a place for you with New Eden Development Corp.

What we can offer you:

· Access to a substantial BPO Library

· Access to Moon Mining at various HS moons

· Advice on how to advance your ISK making, as well as toon skill development

· A friendly, relaxed environment where you’re opinion matters

So if you like mining, missioning, invention, and production, NDEVE is the corp for you.

To apply, submit an application on New Eden Development Corp, corp detail page, or contact Summer C137 in game.

Fly Safe

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