New Eden Job Department

o7 all Pilots,

The New Eden Job Department is currently looking for Pilots from all walks of Life.

We are a contracting company dedicated to recruiting Pilots for our Clients. We are looking for the following Pilots.

We are currently looking for…

New Pilots

Our clients have a vast infrastructure set up to help you achieve your EVE career goals, From Industrial empires. To the best YAAR corps out there.

Some corps specialize in new players getting off their station dock and getting something done in EVE.

Wormhole Pilots.

Currently looking for C1 - C4 pilots. Anybody interested in Wormhole life is welcome. New and Veterans encourages to seek us out for more information.

Corporations are encouraged to reach out to us as well for merger acquisitions. If you are a CEO looking to disband, We have options for you.

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