New Eden Spooks- Seeking other middle-aged bittervets for small gang fun

New Eden Spooks corp has been around since 2015, although the core members have been flying together even before then. Like most corps in Eve, we have ebbed and flowed with membership and activity. While our interests in game may vary from time to time, WH ganking is what we enjoy the most. With the recent introduction of the “Blackout” in Null, we have been pulled back into Eve Online’s orbit at the prospect of a much larger ganking pool to swim in. Currently, we are based out of hi sec but that may soon change.

We are not a corp with a vision to grow into the most dominant force in New Eden and we have zero interest in joining a large alliance (been there, done that, got the t-shirt). We have real life jobs and responsibilities that preclude that sort of time investment. We just strive to be a really effective small corp. Ideally, we would like to add 10-15 like-minded pilots that enjoy playing a couple of hours a night a few times a week. These pilots would need to have a decent grasp on the mechanics of the game and a laid back approach to life. Most evenings, we hang out on comms cracking jokes while hunting for targets. The other main criteria for membership is residing in a US time zone. We love people from all time zones, but have found that it just doesn’t work to mix them in. Someone always ends up feeling left out.

If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, contact me in-game for a chat.


Still looking for qualified pilots!

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