New Eden tale

Once upon a time, there was
a monster living at the gates
of a system.
It was a very scary and
a very bad monster.
It would catch capsuleers
and crunch them ships with its guns.
The capsuleers were afraid of the
monster, and no one would dare
approach the gates.
Everyone was stuck inside
their system.
When the corporation heard about this,
he summoned its knights.
The knights eagerly rode out
to defeat the monster.
'Ha! Take that!'
Their missiles slashed and their
drones flashed, but the monster
wouldn’t die.
The monster tossed the knights
into its mouth one by one,
ships and all.
What was the corporation to do?
Fretted and fussed and gone around
the space, but could think of no solution.
Soon after, a priestess came
to the castle. She was a very kind
and good person. The corporation asked
her to defeat the monster guarding
the gates

Holy Mother Order [.HMO.]

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The priestess accepted the corporations’s
request and went to the system gates.
But when she saw the monster, she
tried to convince it with words
instead of killing it.
'Shut up, you! I’m going to destroy
you up!'
The monster didn’t listen to
a word the priestess said.
But she kept trying to convince
the monster to give up.
'It’s wrong to destroy people,
you know.'
The monster grew very angry at
this and attacked her, killing her
with a single mighty blow.

The corporation and its people shed tears
at the death of the kind priestess.
God took pity upon them and,
granting their wishes, healed the
The priestess opened her eyes just
as she had done every morning of
her life. She went once more to the
monster’s lair.
‘Fool! You wish to die again?’
'No… this time it’s your turn.‘
The priestess had come to defeat
the monster once and for all.
As the priestess was very very
kind, she felt sad about this task.
But it had to be done.
Missiles and guns won’t work.
Drones will just bounce
off. You can’t kill me’,
the monster laughed.
But the priestess used neither
missiles nor guns. She chanted
but a single sentence.
‘love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you’ (Matthew 5:44)
Do you know what happened then?
The monster let out a huge cry
and then died and vanished!
Thus the capsuleers were able to use
their gates once more. Everyone
lavished their gratitude upon the
priestess, and they all lived
happily ever after.

Embrace the scammers, because they are destroying the economic system from the very inside. Embrace the gankers and pirates, because they are destroying the economic system from the production and distribution side.