[YC124 NEWC prose] The fall of niarja the start of a new era

In my helping of defending triglavian forces after the creation of pochven zorya Triglav would often tell me this story of his invasion of niarja which changed new eden completely.

Our target was niarja a system very important to trade between the caldari and amarr. The world ark was activated soon after that our entire invasion fleet was jumped into the system through it soon after we began attacking concord and the imperial navy it was a constant war of attrition for every concord marshal destroyed we lost 2 leeshak class vessels and for every imperial navy Apocalypse we lost 2 vedmak class vessels this fighting went on for a whille eventually the capsuleers joined the battle for every one of their rattlesnake class vessels destroyed we lost hundreds of vessels thousands of our own kind what made this worse was the capsuleers didn’t die we would destroy their ships over and over yet the same capsuleers kept coming when all hope seemed lost and we where only fighting the capsuleers larger groups of capsuleers came in full force entire fleets of ferox class battlecruisers began helping us and attacking there fellow capsuleers it seems they wanted to cause chaos by shutting down a major trade route and with the capsuleers help we managed to shut niarja down and completely kick out the people who lived there before we then took to setting our own fortifications on the gates to prevent further reinforcements against us we put werposts on the gates aswell as many of our own troops the enemy’s where allowed to leave but the moment that they took a gate they where destroyed after this we began shutting down the gates in and out of the system capsuleers would get stuck on the outside of the gates when trying to leave and be destroyed eventually we permanently shut the gates down and erected our own gates between other systems we took now we are using thoose systems and wormhole technology to go and invade other areas of space near theese systems

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This is old news, my friend! Old news. You are outdated and behind the times. This would be a nice time for you to wake up.

Yes I know it’s outdated doesn’t mean it’s not original

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